Romans 12:2, a Geek Translation

This week Apple Computer will debut the new tablet computer. Speculation in the blogsphere has been heating up for weeks. People are sniffing in the most hidden corners for a scent of what is to come. I am in a real Geek (not Greek this week) frame of mind.

A few years ago, researchers from the National Institutes of Mental Health did a study that involved a simple motor task. As subjects performed a finger-tapping exercise, researchers did MRI brain scans to identity which part of the brain was involved in the exercise. The subjects were then asked to perform that simple motor task everyday for four weeks. At the end of four weeks, researchers repeated their brain scans and found that in every instance, that area of the brain had expanded. Their brains had literally recruited new nerve cellsand rerouted neuronal connections.

Juxtapose that with Romans 12:2, “Do not be conformed any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind.”

How is our mind renewed? The one word answer is Scripture. It is God’s primary source for communication to us. Scripture literally re-scripts our brain. As we read Scripture, much like the finger-tapping exercise, we are recruiting new nerve cells and rewiring neuronal connections. The end goal? Not knowledge! The end goal is the mind of Christ. As you read Scripture you are downloading the mind of Christ. His words become our operating system.

There’s great significance in the word reflection as our minds become the mind of Christ. Reflecting on Scripture implies a contemplative process, one of thoughtful and careful deliberation. The practice of reflecting on the meaning of Scripture in my life is about using God’s Word as a mirror that reflects back the truth of Scripture on the actions, decisions and events of one’s daily life. This is not about skimming through a Bible passage or devotional in a mechanical way. This is a powerful experience of personal meditation that rewires the brain, catalyzing spiritual growth, starting at the very beginning of the spiritual journey.

What was really awesome was rereading Archbishop Thomas Cranmer’s preface to the 1540 Great Bible, the first authorized bible in English this past week. It was so wonderful to discover that in his defense of the need for the Bible in English he used mirror and reflection in precisely this way.

If Cranmer were alive today I think he would buy Apple.

Cranmer was Third Way.

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