Archbishop Ben Kwashi to speak at CANA East Synod (April 30 – May 2, 2015)

The Diocesan Synod of the Missionary Diocese of CANA East will hear from Archbishop Ben Kwashi. If you live nearby, please join us.

julian dobbs

Archbishop Ben Kwashi, a well known as a preacher and evangelist throughout Nigeria, Africa, England and the United States will be speaking at the CANA East Synod, April 30-May 2, 2015 in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

Bishop Julian Dobbs describes him as, “One of the most importaBenjamin Kwashi webnt and courageous Christian leaders of our generation.”

Originally destined for a military career, in 1976 Archbishop Kwashi received a clear vocation to ordained ministry. He was ordained in 1982 and 10 years later became Bishop of Jos. In January 2008 he was presented as the Archbishop of Jos Province in the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion). He has worked in rural and urban churches, as a Polytechnic Chaplain, and at a Theological College.  In 1987 his church and vicarage were totally burned down in Christian-Muslim riots. He and his wife Gloria have six children.

 Archbishop Kwashi has survived three attempts on his life…

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