More About the Vicar

Now that I have passed my the sixty-third year, I thought to write of my experiences of gardening.

We purchased our home in 2013 with nothing but an empty back plot of weeds and mature trees. I have plans to transform it slowly into an ornamental cottage garden for God’s glory and our pleasure. This blog is its story as I learn and grow with the garden. As Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1811: “But tho’ an old man, I am but a young gardener.”

John Flavel: “The earth must be manured, or its increase is in vain expected.” – Husbandry Spiritualized

If you are curious about Christianity, a simple, clear, and challenging explanation of the Christian faith as the Bible teaches it can be found here.

Please reply to me below if you would like further discussion on individual posts.

4 thoughts on “More About the Vicar

  1. Hi Henry , some time ago I came across your podcast purely by Gods providence and the timing was perfect as we had then decided the previous week to start a study on Pauls letter to the Colossians , I also came across a book by John R.W Stott which has been immensely helpful also. I have listened to you preach on Colossians all the way to mid chapter two and I can only thank God for using men like you to expound on Gods word to help young believers in the faith like me . Thank you Sir. May God continue to use you for his glory.

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