Relax in 1564…

“Most people go to the country or the ocean to relax. I go to the 16th and 17th centuries,” is a light-hearted truth about me and explains today’s entry.

After a fruitless search on Netflix for the documentary film God’s Outlaw on William Tyndale, Netflix had created a new “Recommended for Henry” list. I then saw the title of this film, sat up and took notice right away: The right time (1564), and The right region (Flanders).

So come, relax with me…

In 1564 Pieter Bruegel the Elder painted “The Procession of Calvary,” of Christ carrying the Cross set in a large landscape:

What does it all mean? A drama film, The Mill & The Cross directed by Lech Majewski (it is also out on DVD as well as Netflix instant-streaming) tries to bring it to life. I have watched the film and the concept itself is fascinating. A reviewer writes, “the narrative is not the point—the extraordinary imagery is. The painting literally comes to life in this spellbinding film, its wondrous scenes entering the viewer like a dream enters a sleeping body.”

For a couple of appreciative Christian reviews, see this one from CT Movies and this one from Christ and Pop Culture. The performances by Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner), Charlotte Rampling (Stardust Memories) and Michael York (Logan’s Run) are subtle. This movie is slow and gently unfolding, but definitely worth the less than two hours of your time it will take to watch.

Make it something for Lent.

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