Looking Northeast Looking North-northwest Looking Northwest I have just come in from my first bit of gardening work in 2019. I had to replant some penstemon digitalis Husker Red, a white Phlox paniculata and hosta that were moved while the trench was cut along the east fence for the greenhouse electrical line. Nothing like getting back out… Read More 2014

Philip Benedict on the Character of Anglicanism

Philip Benedict, Christ’s Churches Purely Reformed: A Social History of Calvinism, Yale University Press: 2002, xxvi+670 pp, hardcover. Philip Benedict is an American historian of the Protestant Reformation in Europe, currently holding the title of Professor Emeritus (profeseur honoraire) at the University of Geneva’s Institute for Reformation History (l’Institut de Histoire de la Réformation). His book, Christ’s Churches Purely Reformed was awarded… Read More Philip Benedict on the Character of Anglicanism